Smart Soap and Candle Company RAISING THE BAR!

Shampoo Beer Bar

Shampoo Soap Bar! 

Make the switch from synthetic and chemical laden shampoos and start using a natural shampoo puck today!

Simply wet the bar and lather is up by rubbing the bar over your hair and scalp until you've worked up a good lather. Then work into hair and scalp as you would with normal shampoo and rinse thoroughly. 
Please note that while some people find this shampoo to work wonders right from the start, it may take a transition period for some peoples hair to adjust to the switch to a natural soap.  It's worth it for the clean, full and shiny hair that natural shampoo gives you! 

Ingredients: Canola oil, organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, hemp seed oil, sodium hydroxide, beer, essential oil blend. 

 Each soap bar weighs approximately 4.5 oz. 
 Size, shape, and appearance will vary slightly from bar to bar. 
 Please keep soap dry between uses to insure longevity of soap.